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Committed to help children with disabilities live fulfilling lives and support parents in their unique parenting journey

Who are we?

SPICES is an acronym for Support for Parents, Infants, and Children through Early Services. We are a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that provides educational and support services to children with developmental delays and their families.

Our services are extended to people of all ethnicities, beliefs and backgrounds, especially those of the lower income group. We rely on the contributions from parents and the community to sustain our operations

What we do

Early Intervention

An educational programme designed for young children with developmental delays from birth to six years.

Inclusion / Outreach programme

Promote public awareness of the needs of children with disabilities and their full inclusion and participation in society

Resource Centre

A resource library of books, toys and equipment for families

Join us in creating a promising future for our children and families

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Teachers are helpful and very supportive. I love the concept over there that parents can also learned how to deal with their special one.


从一个不会跟着指示和无法完成 table task的小朋友 到现在慢慢越来越进步

越来越喜欢去上课 这是我感到很欣慰很感谢SPICES 的地方。


SPICES help and services came to us at the point we were really having financial difficulties. We as parents benefited in many ways especially during MCO which happened to be my pregnancy and delivery month.

Siew Hui

They gave me a lot of guidance and ideas to train my son at home. They always try to comfort and remind my husband and I the importance to keep ourselves in optimal condition as we have to make effort in helping our son consistently just like completing a marathon.

Siu Hui

We have learned so much from the teachers on how to guide him.

Nowadays, he is able to do certain task at home independently without our help.

Chinn Shin


让一个什么都不懂只会尖叫的孩子 逐渐了解了什么叫“wait”

了解了需要 “request”

让他学会开口说 “I want” 

Victor Huang

It has been a very good experience. I have never actually observed or taught children in such closeness before this. Being here. Has also shown me that each child is different and every person has their worth – variety is the spice of life.

Ying Sing

As an intern, SPICES has provided me a well-balanced schedule, covering all areas of development, including the self-help skills. The teachers here are patient and caring, and they have a good bond with the parents too.

Xin Hui

During my time here I have lots of hands on experience with special needs children. Instead of studying about symptoms. And there’s like I usually did in class, I got to learn about practical ways and techniques to communicate with special needs children.

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Your financial support helps SPICES to continue providing these crucial services to children with special needs, especially those from the lower income groups.

Spices Team