Our Mission

To extend God’s love to the community by developing and implementing support services for children with delays and disabilities so that their full potential may be realised.

Our Ethos

Every man, woman and child is valuable in the eyes of God.  Each person’s presence, whatever the measure of his or her abilities, adds to the richness and diversity of life.  The old adage that ‘variety is the spice of life’ embodies a part of what SPICES believes in as we work with children with learning disabilities.

Our Story

How We Started

SPICES was started as a community project by Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church on 10 March 1997. The project was birthed by the vision of Mabel Tan who had a burden for children in need. While Mabel passed on before the launch, her legacy lives on in SPICES.

Standing for Support for Parents, Infants and Children through Early Services, the name SPICES was selected as a representation of the spice and flavour that children with disabilities add to the community.

In April 2010, SPICES was registered as a society under the Registrar of societies. We strive to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs, with our various programmes, and training courses for parents and teachers.