Boundaries Workshop

On 28th July 2018, we hosted a workshop entitled ‘Setting Positive Boundaries’ by Child Developmental Specialist, Jane Thompson. A total of 47 participants including parents, teachers and a grandparent signed up for the workshop. We were happy to see both parents and educators coming together early on a Saturday morning to learn principles of behavior management.

Bright smiles – for a fruitful workshop ahead!

Participants listening intently as Jane shares her knowledge gained from her years of experience working as a child developmental specialist and as a mother.

Mommy is busy taking down notes; I shall stay quiet and be a darling *shhhhhh*

We sold our very own disability awareness t-shirts that are printed with the slogan “See Me, not my disability” for both children and adults.

Setting Positive Boundaries for Your Child

Do you find yourself in daily battles with your child?

Is it hard to follow through on routine tasks because of your child’s behavior?

Do you find yourself asking, “Who is in charge of my home? Me or my youngster?”