World Play Day 2019

We went bigger and better this year! Made possible by our collaboration with Malaysian Care, we brought back our different play stations, got a bigger bouncy castle and even had clowns giving out balloon sculptures. In addition, we also had a colouring competition as added features. There was something for everyone to play with no matter the age and ability.

Our event was generously hosted by the PPR Air Panas Residents’ Association. We also have Sunway University and Baines to thank for sending us their ever-cheerful and extremely helpful volunteers.

Speaking of bigger and better – we made the bubbles bigger too.
Zumba session with Jennifer! She certainly got the kids up and moving before they set off to play.
Everyone can Zumba!
The Fort of Blocks! We also had castles, towers and car ramps made out of the blocks amongst other things. The Quiet Corner had items like car and ball mazes, puzzles and blocks. This was a station where the kids could sit down and play quietly if they were not very mobile or found the crowds and sounds overwhelming.
At the arts and crafts corner, in the process of making a very cute animal mask.
Messy Play! Albeit contained, the messy play corner was messy enough to be a hit with the kids.
Want to be a doctor? A chef? A fireman? A teacher? The kids could be all of the above at the Pretend Play Corner.
Ah, our favourite kind of castle. Our photographer claimed that there was serious bouncing going on inside and he had to take shelter before he was bounced on.
Ready, get set, slide! The slip and slide also made a return this year, only now thrice the size. The Waterplay Corner also had fishing games and a mini pool much to the delight of the kids.
Lastly, thank our team from SPICES and Malaysian Care, as well as our magnificent volunteers.