World Play Day

What a blast we had! We celebrated World Play Day in spectacular fashion on the 26th of May at Setapak’s SkyWorld Gallery. A huge thank you goes to SkyWorld and Genesis Spectrum for being valuable partners in this event. We are also very grateful to all volunteers and helpers for making this event a success. We were thrilled to see so many children and families come together to celebrate every child’s right to play!

You can never go wrong pairing young children and paint – The Picasso Corner had loads of fun activities such as bubble stomps and drip paintings (pictured).

Pouring never looked so fun and so relaxing at the same time!

Children just want to have fun…preferably with water. This DIY water wall occupied the kids for hours.

“And that’ll be RM 20,” said Mr. Cashier. “Here you go,” says Mr. Customer, keeping a close eye on the dealings.


Let’s see what cooking! The Pretend Play corner came with an entire kitchen, fridge included; a whole Farmer’s market with free money (yay!); and a garden.

Salt painting at the Picasso Corner. First, draw a picture with some glue. Then, spread some salt over the glue. You are now ready for the grand finale – squirting paint over the salt, which was everyone’s favourite bit.

Get in position! Ready? And sliiiiiiiiiide! The children definitely made full use of our slip n slide.

The Messy Play Corner, because we know how our children love getting their hands dirty. They had a fantastic time playing with moon sand, gloop, starch, slime and fluffy dough.

Bouncy Castle! Need I say more?

Fluffy slime at the Messy Corner. It’s not a party without a bit of fluffy slime, right?

On the job training perhaps? The senior teaching his enterprising junior how to run the till.